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The 14 writers who took part in the workshops are all featured in the book, along with a diverse roster of 23 other authors.Partner organisations: the “We Are Here” project has been made possible by the generous support of Deakin University, Street Smart Australia, Launch Housing, Roomers Magazine (Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood House), The Big Issue, Council to Homeless Persons (Peer Education and Support Program), Affirm Press, Writers Victoria, The Wheeler Centre (Melbourne), Unison Housing and web developer Tony Neylan.

By turns heart-rending and humorous, gritty and erudite, these tales offer glimpses into emotional landscapes both unique and shared.

Expect a book that will surprise, delight, and challenge; an object of beauty that honours the stories within; a thought-provoking selection of memoir and poetry on a topic that connects us all. Around half of the pieces touch on personal experiences of homelessness; the rest explore place in all its multifaceted richness, delving into themes of belonging, memory, home, childhood, hope, loss, community, and city life.

Thanks to a 2019 City of Melbourne Arts Grant, all the writers are being paid.

The book is being edited by novelist, journalist and homelessness researcher Meg Mundell (The Trespassers, 2019; Black Glass, 2011).

Most of the writing published on this site was created in, around, and between our weekly writing workshops in winter/spring/summer 2018.

A couple of pieces were also written independently before this project began.

From day one, people’s creative talents shone through.

The group included new, emerging, and experienced writers.

The research side of the project seeks to explore understandings of place amongst people who have experienced homelessness.

Anchored in cultural geography, this multidisciplinary research uses creative writing, in-depth interviews, site visits and participant observation to elicit new knowledge about the links between place, narrative and homelessness.


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