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So they find it easier to passively support male domination even when they know in their minds and hearts that it is wrong. And I believe that if they knew more about feminism they would no longer fear it, for they would find in feminist movement the hope of their own release from the bondage of patriarchy.

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When I began to resist male domination, to rebel against patriarchal thinking (and to oppose the strongest patriarchal voice in my life — my mother’s voice), I was still a teenager, suicidal, depressed, uncertain about how I would find meaning in my life and a place for myself.

I needed feminism to give me a foundation of equality and justice to stand on. She sees me and all her daughters (we are six) living better lives because of feminist politics.

Imagine living in a world where there is no domination, where females and males are not alike or even always equal, but where a vision of mutuality is the ethos shaping our interaction.

Imagine living in a world where we can all be who we are, a world of peace and possibility.

See how feminism can touch and change your life and all our lives.

Come closer and know first-hand what feminist movement is all about.

When I ask these same folks about the feminist books or magazines they read, when I ask them about the feminist talks they have heard, about the feminist activists they know, they respond by let- ting me know that everything they know about feminism has come into their lives thirdhand, that they really have not come close enough to feminist movement to know what really happens, what it’s really about.

Mostly they think feminism is a bunch of angry women who want to be like men.

They do not even think about feminism as being about rights — about women gaining equal rights.

When I talk about the feminism I know — up close and personal — they willingly listen, although when our conversations end, they are quick to tell me I am different, not like the “real” feminists who hate men, who are angry.


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