Belfast Confetti Ciaran Carson Essay

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I looked hard for a policeman but could find none beyond some ambiguous blurs at the back of the field.

I could maybe contact Blackshaw and ask him what he meant by it, but I’d rather not.

The Goldfinch by Carel Fabritius: Given our retrospective knowledge of Fabritius’ fate, can we see it as a symbol of the transience of life?

Or of the permanence of art, which remains when both subject and artist are long gone?

Viewers, watchers, readers, listeners, we collaborate in what makes the work a work of art. It’s a diptych, two modest paintings about a foot square, done in muted olive greens and ochres.

On the left hand, a bird on a wire; on the right, a cow in a field.I’ve finally finished my second e-book which you can get on Kindle – you can buy it to read on your PC, so you don’t need a Kindle to read it – or any kind of e-reader. In fact, the punctuation itself becomes part of the break. Not only that, when you read it, that sense of disharmony and chaos is emphasised once again by the line breaks, the use of caesura and the enjambment. He uses language, and punctuation, to help create this fractured image.Spaces between words, paragraphs, verses, they just didn’t really exist.Some speakers who wrote their speeches down in order to be able to read them added some to show where a pause would be.Big sash windows, typically about six feet by five, with horizontal glazing bars, the little catch visible on some, rendered in near-monochromatic hues of grey, white, grey-blue, muddied olive-grey, the dragged and scumbled paint spilling out from the ostensible glass and over the edges of the painted window-frame towards the frame of the painting, the way light shimmers at the edges of an actual window.They could be studio windows, or paintings of light, or paintings of paint for that matter, a record of the process.You won’t find hieroglyphs with full stops and commas!In fact, punctuation was invented to help people read when books became more readily available with the printing press.And a colon can introduce an explanation or example: like this one. So punctuation is not just a marker of a pause, like a comma marking ‘Give Way’ and a full stop marking ‘Stop’, but can tell you what type of thing is coming next. But before the wonderful world of emoticons, we had the ? Remember, you don’t need a kindle or e-reader to read it; just download the ‘Kindle for PC’ software. If you want an hour’s lesson with me (or even half an hour!


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