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Rothschild, Provo, UT : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 345-351.

INTRODUCTION At a recent symposium entitled "Whatever Happened to Beauty?

Looks can sometimes payoff at times but often people can put themselves into serious consequences like Narcissus who was punished and was to stay by the water and look at himself in the reflections...

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After distilling the essence of the contemporary critiques, we will then examine the various philosophies of beauty in order to see where the contemporary critiques fit and to see which philosophy, if any, may help us understand the concept of beauty.

The contemporary understanding of beauty seems to hold it as axiomatic that beauty is subjective or that any standard of beauty must be relative.

S police because of her odd looks by her next door neighbors.

I believe beauty isn't everything; sometimes beauty can overcome a person personality because they are sometimes overwhelmed by their beauty and believe that they are the center of attention.

There seems no doubt that advertising, like film and architecture,produces aesthetic representations, often the aesthetic representation is intended to be understood as "beauty." And, it is for the representation of beauty, particularly female beauty, that advertising has received the strongest of social criticism (Lakoff and Scherr 1984, Wolf 1991). Beauty as a social issue raises some very intriguing questions for researchers in advertising and consumer aesthetics.

In fact, one could viably conclude from Wolf's thesis that the concept of contemporary beauty is an illusory and impossible concept created by the beast of advertising (Wolf, pp. While contemporary aesthetic philosophers and artists see little evidence or use of beauty in contemporary art, something intended to be understood as "beauty" is being represented by advertisers in the media.


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