Beatrice And Benedick Love Essay

This clearly portrays that Beatrice is unwilling to marry, and that she detests all men, furthermore emphasized by her witty statement to her uncle, Leonato, in which she states ‘he that hath no beard is less than a man, and he that hath no beard is less than a man’ showing that she believes no man is perfect for her.

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Benedick’s inner sensitive and slight childishness is recapitulated by Benedick’s foolish mask and puerile accent, which was evidently not a natural accent.

It is also shown after Beatrice insults Benedick with sacritical barbs and witticisms, when Benedick runs up to Don Pedro and pleads the Don to send him away from ‘this harpy’, referring to Beatrice.

Her jests are first of all aimed at Don John, where she states: ‘I am heartburned an hour after’ in a comedic way, causing Antonio to snigger.

Here, her criticalness of all men is shown as even though it caused her family members to laugh, Beatrice said it with a veil of sincerity, shown by her facial and bodily gestures of seriousness, emphasized by a long shot to capture everyone in the background and their reactions.

By stating that he ‘stood like a man at a mark,’ Benedick believes that he is noble and honest, unlike Beatrice. ‘Every word stabs’ personifies Beatrice’s crass taunts as sharp weapons.

Benedick claims that Beatrice’s words had literally sucked the blood out of him, just as when stabbed, someone loses a lot of blood.

The satirical paraphrase ‘only his gift is devising impossible slanders’ is particularly wounding to Benedick as it alludes to the fact that he is useless, and is not good at anything, from love to war, it’s clearly sacritical as it amuses other people, while still affecting Benedick and her male victims exceptionally.

This hurts Benedick particularly because Beatrice implies that their previous relationship was destroyed by Benedick being good for nothing, except slandering Beatrice.

She hints that he was to blame for their relationship breaking up and them ending up like this.

Her antagonism towards Benedick is also shown in earlier scenes, just before their first encounter where Beatrice cunningly asks ‘I pray you, is Signor Mountanto returned from the wars, or no?


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