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The chapter with the theory is like the cellar of a house. You describe all important basics in the theory chapter. By the way, you’ll be finished with the theory chapter after ONE week, including reading.

The sources for the chapter are not books like in theory but scientific studies. With what do you want to make the world a better place? Because logically your results must be straight realizations, which do not stand so yet in the sources… But above all this makes him doubt your seriousness.

You write down what which authors have found out and how. There is not only one method for one literature work but several. So far you have only prayed and copied from other sources. If you have empirical data collected or written in a company, then the answer is clear. Most old final papers do not help here also, because again are not YOUR realizations. Think of the rumor that Caregivers only read introduction and conclusion carefully… Because this beginner mistake testifies to carelessness.

A look at the outline makes the supervisor curious. Although he only wanted to look in for a short time, he scrolls on and starts to read… By the way, it is rumored that many caregivers only read Introduction and Conclusion carefully and only leaf through the rest.

Some young people are already standing in front of the door… Our patterns and examples in the Thesis Guide will help you and inspire you.


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