Awk Variable Assignment

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Next, gawk compiles the program into an internal form.

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It also provides the ability to mix library functions with command line programs.

The environment variable AWKPATH specifies a search path to use when finding source files named with the -f option.

If this variable does not exist, the default path is ".:/usr/local/share/awk".

(The actual directory may vary, depending upon how gawk was built and installed.) If a file name given to the -f option contains a "/" character, no path search is performed. First, all variable assignments specified via the -v option are performed.

This is useful mainly for knowing if the current copy of gawk on your system is up to date with respect to whatever the Free Software Foundation is distributing. (Per the GNU Coding Standards, these options cause an immediate, successful exit.) Gawk first reads the program source from the program-file(s) if specified, from arguments to --source, or from the first non-option argument on the command line.

The -f and --source options may be used multiple times on the command line.

Arguments to long options are either joined with the option by an = sign, with no intervening spaces, or they may be provided in the next command line argument.

Long options may be abbreviated, as long as the abbreviation remains unique.

Records Normally, records are separated by newline characters.

You can control how records are separated by assigning values to the built-in variable RS.


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