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A former athlete, she became the all-Ireland triple jump champion at the age of 18.Paul Smethurst received his Ph D on Space and Place in the Postmodern Novel from Birkbeck College, London in 1996.

A former athlete, she became the all-Ireland triple jump champion at the age of 18.

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"The woman on the wheel is altogether a novelty, and is essentially a product of the last decade of the century," wrote Yes, bicycle-riding required a shift away from the restrictive, modest fashion of the Victorian age, and ushered in a new era of exposed ankles—or at least visible bloomers—that represented such a departure from the laced up, ruffled down fashion that preceded it that bicycling women became a fascination to the (mostly male) newspaper reporters of the time., of early American mansplaining.

This particular example features an entire spread—complete with illustrations—of various women's toe-to-knee style in the bicycle age, and writer W. Lampton's thoughts on what regional fashion revealed about the city in which a woman was biking.

People started "wheelmen" clubs and competed in races. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are credited with declaring that "woman is riding to suffrage on the bicycle," a line that was printed and reprinted in newspapers at the turn of the century.

They toured the country and compared tricks and stunts. The bicycle took "old-fashioned, slow-going notions of the gentler sex," as (Nebraska) reported in 1895, and replaced them with "some new woman, mounted on her steed of steel." And it gave women a new level of transportation independence that perplexed newspaper columnists across the country.

By the 1890s, America was totally obsessed with the bicycle—which by then looked pretty much like the ones we ride today.

There were millions of bikes on the roads and a new culture built around the technology.

In a previous career, he developed mapping and geographical information systems (GIS), and he has maintained a cross-disciplinary interest in literature and geography.

His particular teaching and research interests are in place-writing, literature and the environment and the geocritical imagination (a term he has coined) in contemporary fiction and travel writing.

Lampton presents his findings lecture-style (and, curiously, refers to the illustrations as if the reader can see them on a screen), suggesting "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glories of the Whirling of the Wheel" as musical accompaniment.

Lampton calls his essay: "As you are all so well aware, Boston is famed for her intellectuals...


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