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In biography projects that detail a short time during a person's life, or that concentrate on a certain event, the setting becomes easier to determine.

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The type of research used in autobiographical research papers will likely depend on the topic.

For instance, in an autobiographical research paper about traveling in Tibet, a student wouldn't incorporate statistical data, but scholarly studies that examine Tibetan cultural practices.

So, although the subject is the student him/herself, the topic might include something such as "The most important moment of your life," or "What is your dream career?

" Still, many learners fall short of submitting a riveting autobiography essay.

Other important characters are those individuals who have existed as major players in that person's life.

Since a biography chronicles the events of the subject's life, or a portion of that life, the setting may change throughout the course of the book.

This is another characteristic of autobiographical papers that sets them apart from standard research papers: in most standard research paper writing, the use of the first-person voice is discouraged or even forbidden.

The research element of autobiographical research papers is used as support for the student's claims and as validation for his/her recounted experiences.

In college, biography book reports might be on such readings as Mein Kampf or Stalin: The Glasnost Revelations. However, even though the writing and interpretation of the material that a college student presents in his/her biography book report are expected to be far more mature than that which was expected in elementary or even high school, the basics of how to write a biography book report haven't changed much at all.t some point in his/her college career, a student will likely be required to complete an autobiographical essay.

In fact, most college admissions applications require the prospective student to complete an autobiographical essay (otherwise known as a "personal statement").


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