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A thesis statement that describes the main point of an essay should appear in the introduction and body paragraphs should have topic sentences that relate back to and expand on the thesis statement.Narrative essays may be biographical in nature, and even expository essays can be biographical if they present factual information about another person's life, but most biographies are much longer than any traditional essay.Some essays are You're also going to have to learn that person's entire life story, because that's what a biography is supposed to be.

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Whether that story will be part of a larger autobiography of your life depends on how long the story you want to tell will be.

Anyone can learn how to write a perfect biography essay about someone else’s life by making sure to focus on true, objective facts about a specific person.

An autobiography can begin in the middle of a story and be fleshed out throughout flashbacks of prior times and experiences from the writer's perspective.

They can go off in many directions and tell the stories of many different types of experiences, as well.

Some biographies can be written in essay form, some in the form of much longer books, and some are written as movie scripts or plays.

For an essay, you will need to know the relevant facts of your subject.While it doesn't have to be comprehensive, beginning on the day the subject was born and ending on the day the writer finished writing, it is an account of a person's experiences over some period of time.While any personal story told by the person who experienced that story can be autobiographical, a typical autobiography is much longer than the average essay.No other common type of essay, however, is told in story form.An autobiography is the story of a person's life, or at least some part of a person's life, written by the person themselves.Persuasive essays argue a point and try to convince readers to agree.Expository essays provide factual information without a writer's analysis of those facts included.Autobiographical books are usually written by celebrities, politicians, and people connected to historical events.While any narrative told in story form by the person who lived the experience being described is autobiographical, essays have a specific structure while many autobiographies exist that do not conform to the introduction/short body/conclusion structure.First, determine the scope of the person’s life (years), pick a central theme, and write out the biography using the classic narrative arc.Many college courses include an essay writing component, and a biography essay is one of the types of essays that you may encounter, especially if you are taking courses in liberal arts disciplines such as history or cultural studies.


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