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The primary reason many children don’t read much over the summer is not a lack of motivation or interest. Too many children, disproportionally children of color in urban and rural communities, live in book deserts without access to books at home or school (Neuman and Celano, 2012). Giving Our Children a Fighting Chance: Poverty, Literacy, and the Development of Information Capital. Donalyn Miller is an award-winning Texas teacher and the author or coauthor of books and articles about engaging children with reading.

For many children, their only consistent book access is their school library and teachers’ classroom collections.

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Emma, our oldest granddaughter, who is entering sixth grade, has to read another book about “white boys and their dogs?

” I read and enjoyed Wilson Rawls’ famous book when I was a fifth grader in 1977.

When school closes for the summer, that disappears.

The best summer reading programs guarantee children’s summer book access through book donations and giveaways, summer library checkouts, or book delivery initiatives like bookmobiles and Little Free Libraries (Miller and Sharp, 2018).

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