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These usually aren’t the kind of jobs that build a career, but they open up new avenues for life experience. Before you start your short-term job search, there are some things to bear in mind: You may have to do work you wouldn’t otherwise have done, so be open to it. I used to keep mine in an internal zipped pocket against the frame of my bag, the flattest space available. If not, think very, very hard about whether or not you should be looking for work. Big cities in particular will usually have recruitment agencies, or temp agencies, who need skilled candidates to fill short term positions (like administrative work, creative work, freelancing gigs, etc.).

If you’re picky about the type of job you want, you may find yourself unemployed. Will the job pay you enough to do what you want to do next? Not all prospective employers will ask to see a resume; in fact, most probably won’t. Getting caught working without a valid work visa can lead to deportation and fines. Think about your unique skills and how they might apply to short term jobs. Register with as many as you can and let them know that you’re looking for work to start ASAP.

These are jobs that have a fixed time frame or a very clear end goal, and temporary workers can be very handy. If you’re a writer, graphic designer, or web programmer, you can find clients and projects online that provide you with the location independence you’re after.

The same specialized skills that can get you project based work can also help you to establish your own type of work.

While teaching in Korea, there were almost always opportunities for short term contracts during school breaks.

This is when summer programs are popular, and teachers are in high demand.This is where a recruitment agency can put you in touch with people who need your skills.Builders, IT gurus, copy-writers, graphic designers, data entry -- all of these specialities can be useful when it comes to contract or project-based work.You could even work according to a cycle, and enjoy short term jobs all year long, chasing the sun or the snow -- whatever you fancy. Although carnivals have a core staff that goes on the road with the show, there’s usually a little bit of wiggle room for temporary workers. Remember what I said about being in the right place at the right time?I worked for six weeks in Coffs Harbour, Australia, and used my connections there to land another two-week gig in Sydney. I happened to be standing in front of the reception desk at a hostel when the manager got a call from someone looking for a few backpackers needing work.Think ski fields, lifeguarding, and summer camps -- these jobs depend on the season, and can be perfect for those looking for a short term contract.You’ll usually need to commit to a full season, which The great thing about seasonal work is that if you do a good job, your employer might want you back the following year.Also consider covering temporary absences or signing on as a substitute teacher, where you get to set your own hours.As with au pair work, this is usually more available to people who have a teaching license and experience.The same goes for tourism; you’d think that locals would be best suited for tourism jobs, but it turns out that tourists themselves can do a pretty good job too. Odd jobs at hostels are a popular source of income for backpackers. Be the entertainment master, rounding up groups for hostel events? You know, the people who stand up with the STOP/GO sign, controlling the flow of traffic at a construction site.For example, my partner worked as a pub crawl guide in Vienna, taking groups of backpackers for nights on the town. These jobs tend to be associated with road work projects, so some can be conveniently short term.


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