As You Like It Essay Rosalind

It so happens that Rosalind has a sympathizer in Celia, for the two of them have been best friends since childhood.Whenever Rosalind pines for her missing father, Celia is there to comfort her. Rosalind soon will have good cause to be merry, for she is destined to fall in love with Orlando, the young man maltreated by his brother Oliver.Indeed, you can take this play just as you like it."The action takes place in a palace in northern Europe and in the Arden Forest.

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Oliver, the eldest son, maltreats Orlando and denies him his full share in their father's bequest.

Jaques (not to be confused with the lord of the same name) is away at school, prospering. His presence in the play makes others react in a way that reveals their qualities; hence, he lives up to his name.

Literally a touchstone is a black stone used to assay the purity of precious metals.

When a sample believed to contain gold or silver is rubbed against a touchstone, the sample leaves a streak on the stone.

In explaining the title of the play, Shakespeare scholar G. Harrison wrote, "[As You Like It] is a lighthearted comedy which appeals to readers at all stages and in all lighter moods.

It pleases some by its idyllic romance, others by its optimistic philosophy of simple goodness, and yet others by its cynical irony.

Orlando, Oliver, Jaques de Boys: Sons of Sir Rowland de Boys.

Orlando is in love with Rosalind, daughter of Duke Senior.

She says, I pray thee, Rosalind, sweet my coz, be merry" (1. Here is what happens: Orlando somehow flourishes on his own, like an unattended flower, displaying the spirit and courtly bearing of his father, Rowland de Boys.

However, restricted as he is by his brother, Orlando lapses into melancholy.


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