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Passion for a subject comes across naturally in your writing, typically making it more lively and engaging, and infusing an infectious enthusiasm into your words – in the same way that it’s easy to chat knowledgeably to someone about something you find interesting.

This makes it relatively easy to write interestingly about a subject you have a real passion for.

Unfortunately, many students employ the passive voice in the belief that it makes their writing sound more academic or intellectual; in fact, it makes their writing sound boring.

Remember, the active voice is when the subject of the sentence “acts”, while the passive voice is when the subject is acted upon.

There’s clearly a limit to the amount of actual ‘story-telling’ you can do when you’re writing an essay; after all, essays should be objective, factual and balanced, which doesn’t, at first glance, feel very much like story-telling.

However, you can apply some of the principles of story-telling to make your writing more interesting.Click here to view an article entitled "Would You have Surgery at the Hands of a Robot? My annotations are based on the Double Entry Log (above). It should spark the curiosity of the reader, keep them absorbed, make them want to keep reading and learn more.Rambling on and on is boring, and almost guaranteed to lose the interest of your reader.You’re at risk of waffling if you’re not completely clear about what you want to say, or if you haven’t thought carefully about how you’re going to structure your argument.However, problems arise when you’re forced to write an essay about subjects for which you lack enthusiasm.It’s difficult to conjure up passion for your least favourite subjects, and that will come across in your writing.Click here to download and print a copy of the Double Entry Log.It will help guide you as you highlight and annotate your essay.The subject in this example is “the scientists” and the “act” they are carrying out is “concluding”.As you can see in this example, the active voice almost always results in neater and more elegant phrasing, which is more concise and enjoyable to read.


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