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Throughout the course, the pupils are encouraged to explore their own ideas and interpretations as much as possible whilst appreciating and analysing other cultures and other artists' work.There is a strong emphasis on developing students' imaginations and creative problem-solving skills.I was behind for the first one - but I did it over half term or something... I'm really behind D: Plus all the coursework is due in in about a month.

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Now we have started a whole new cw based on the theme "Myself, My Environment" which im doing gd in.

it was basically our final piece for the whole of our cw 1, which was based on the theme "Wraps" . because it was a mock we could kind of finish it after, only if we needed too.

Oh for God's sake, I had totally forgotten about art coursework as I've been preparing for Jan science exams.

My teacher marked my first topic a B, and my second an A, but both of which can be improved, and since have been improved. it was basically our final piece for the whole of our cw 1, which was based on the theme "Wraps" . because it was a mock we could kind of finish it after, only if we needed too.

My final piece for my first topic has been completed, but I've yet to begin it for the second project. Now we have started a whole new cw based on the theme "Myself, My Environment" which im doing gd in. spent all the time I could have done other revision doing art instead - time not well spent.

Mock's in Jan, only five hours though, and I think we're just doing coursework/final pieces for the second project. Trust me get some decent coursework done, it will inspire your exam idea. So my tips: 1) Bulk up your book by sticking big bulky stuff in there 2) Big mind maps that take up the page 3) Follow the mind maps - i.e. and do not worry about it too much - don't forget about the other subjects :] Heyy I was wondering, for all of you out there who are doing/have taken GCSE art, what sort of stage are you on in terms of your coursework so far?For those students taking GCSE Photography the basic skills in Darkroom and Digital processing are covered within the theme and individual ideas produced by the students as for Fine Art.In Year 11 during the Autumn Term of year 11 the coursework project undertaken in Year 10 in media of the pupil’s choosing is completed.Seriously, if I worked hard enough to get an A* in art then it would just **** up everything else D: I think taking art for GCSE is my biggest regret. I didn't even though I did all the work and my teacher thought that I missed out loads of the work and gave me a C instead of a B.......argggh she didn't even re-mark my other work...(Anyway enough about me).Early in year 10 pupils are introduced to the Coursework theme and then skill-based related projects in Painting and Drawing, Printmaking and Photography enabling all the art staff to teach a broad range of techniques tailored to the ideas of each student.This work is internally assessed as it progresses and regular written and verbal feedback given to inform progress.I'm feeling pretty good about it,though I will think more about it after mocks starting next week :| My suggestion would be to display your work,that is stick it down,label it,write explanations as you go along,as it takes aaaaageees if you leave it till the deadline.I did my entire Art GCSE, two years worth of work in basically four weeks.I got really behind in year 10, panicked and stopped working, and so when the deadline finally came around I was working 5 hours a night for that four weeks to try and sort it out. Came out with an A* Do as I say kids, not as I did!The new syllabus allows us to structure the course to the individual from the beginning of the two year course.


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