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From the northern part of Europe, an artist by the name of Antoine Caron painted his version of the Last Judgment, with oil on panel, displayed at the Ringling Museum of Art (15th century).Each of these paintings are examples of the growth of artistic expression in Europe during the 15th century.At the beginning of this course, you will learn a five-step system for developing an understanding of visual art in all forms, based on: After completing this course, you will be able to interpret works of art based on this five-step system; explain the processes involved in artistic production; identify the many kinds of issues that artists examine in their work; and explain the role and effect of the visual arts in different social, historical and cultural contexts. Then, enroll in the course by clicking "Enroll me in this course".

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Under this apprenticeship, he learned the technique of fresco painting which is the technique he used when he commissioned his painting of the Last Judgment (Sistine Chapel 1534-1541).

Antoine Caron was a master glassmaker and illustrator who was born in Beauvais, France.

Overtime the attitude and attributes of Christ the judge changed.

He was fully dressed; later on His right side was uncovered so as to display his wounds; later still sword and lily, symbols of justice and mercy, protrude from His mouth.

Antoine Caron’s painting of the Last Judgment (Ringling Museum of Art, 15th century) is intended to have the same meaning.

In France, where Caron’s from, the Last Judgment (Ringling Museum of Art, 15th century) occupied the sculptured Tympana of the center doorway of cathedrals.

He was perceived as a giant whose mighty right arm is lifted in a gesture of damnation so broad and universal as to suggest he will destroy all of creation, Heaven and Earth alike.

The choirs of Heaven surrounding him pulse and anxiety and awe.

You will then see the learning materials and instructions on how to use them.

The traditional view is that the Renaissance of the 15th century in Italy, spreading through the rest of Europe, represented a reconnection of the west with classical antiquity, the absorption of knowledge of experimentalism, the focus on the importance humanism, an explosion of the dissemination of knowledge brought on by printing and the creation of new techniques in art, poetry and architecture which led to a radical change in the style and substance of the arts and letters.


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