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Most recently the “no taxpayer funding for abortion act”, has abortion advocates reeling.Even though abortion has been legal in every state in the United States since the monumental Supreme Court decision, “Roe v Wade”, on January 22, 1973; there are fewer physicians willing to perform abortions today than in 2008.... Choice is the right, power, or opportunity to choose.

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If society outlaws abortion, society is interfering with the woman’s right to make decisions related to her own body.

Many theorists believe that sexuality is what divides women from men and makes women less valuable than men; keeping this concept in mind it can be said that gender plays an immense role in social inequality....

[tags: Abortion ] - Killing an innocent child who has not yet come to life is probably what many people think of to be as completely immoral and goes against a large amount of religions.

Pro-abortion and anti-abortion has been a contradictory topic for many years; in 2013 there was a 47 percentage for people who were pro-life and a 46 percentage of people who were pro-choice (Saad).

Pro-lifers believe once one is conceived, he or she are entitled to a right to live.

It does not matter whether or not the pro-lifers are able to prove that a fetus consists of personhood.It is “The induced termination of pregnancy, which is usually legal only before the fetus is viable.” There are two different types of abortion which are induced and spontaneous abortions.Induced abortion is done surgically by an abortionist and spontaneous abortion is when the mothers body rejects the embryo in the womb.Women of all ages may face the decision of whether or not to terminate the life that they carry in their womb through the abortion process....[tags: Pregnancy, Fetus, Abortion, Obstetrics] - In the United States, about 1.2 million abortions are conducted each year for many different reasons (no).Abortion allows women to put an end to their pregnancy, for what ever reason that may be, but at the cost of killing the undeveloped “baby” that was in the womb....[tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Vacuum aspiration] - Many women describe it as a privilege and miracle, while others consider the act itself of conceiving and carrying another human being as an inexplicable feeling.Since 1995, the amount of people who were pro-life increased dramatically by about 10%, and the amount of pro-choice users decreased by about 5% (Saad)....[tags: Abortion, Abortion law, Human rights, Pregnancy] - Abortion is one of the most controversial and most debated about topics in our society and media today.The life of a potential person should not be able to override the right to one’s body.Judith Thomson presents a though experiment where personhood is granted to a fetus, but how that mere fact still fails to override the woman’s right to her body....


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