Argumentative Essay On Letter From Birmingham Jail

Argumentative Essay On Letter From Birmingham Jail-86
He argued:” I am here because injustice was here.” Birmingham is probably the most thoroughly segregated city in the United States. Negroes have experienced grossly unjust treatment in the courts.

He pointed out how Negroes suffered unjust treatment in Birmingham court and how Negroes were threatened by bombing.

King showed the necessities of taking demonstration in Birmingham so that he could dispel the doubts from society (King).

He mentioned that there had been some negotiations held with the leaders of Birmingham.

However, negotiations were failed because those leaders did not keep their promises.

He came to Birmingham because he was on the call from affiliates in Alabama to engage in a non-violent direct action.

To be more specific, King explained another reason that he was in Birmingham.This is illustrated in his opening sentence: “My dear Fellow Clergymen” (464).King was an activist for civil rights during this time, and came to Alabama to help out his fellow brothers that were facing opposition.Perhaps the South, the nation, and the world are in dire need of creative extremists… In the same way, he assimilated himself to Jesus Christ, who “was an extremist for love, truth, and goodness.” There were several reasons that King used biblical figures.First, King was a clergyman who knew much about biblical figures which were authentic for him.He believed that predestination as is stated in the Bible should be taken in the literal sense, that God chose people to become saved and therefore we as humans have no control over our salvation.Rhetorical Analysis of Letter from Birmingham Jail In the spring 1963, Martin Luther King was jailed due to his non-violent demonstrations against racial segregation at Birmingham.Throughout this letter, there are many smart and clever uses of logical appeals (King).Opponents called King “outsider,” because King, who held this demonstration, was originally from Atlanta. He established his authority that he had the honor of serving as President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.It seeks so to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored (King).King wrote that his purpose of direct action exactly matched what clergymen suggested for.


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