Argumentative Essay Nutrition

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Reducing the calories in the diet, whether from protein, carbohydrate or fat, will result in weight loss.

In order to lose weight, one must burn more calories than what is taken in (Hoeger, 131).

The second false theory is that insulin stores fat only when high carbohydrate foods are eaten.

The bottom line with regard to the body’s biochemistry is that fat will only be stored if too much food, from any source, is eaten (Williams, 374). An over consumption of fat and protein replaces carbohydrates.

Too much fat in the diet gives clogs the arteries which could lead to coronary heart disease.

Serotonin, a hormone derived from carbohydrates, controls our emotions.A shortage of carbohydrates leads to mood swings (BBC NEWS).The drawbacks of the Atkins Diet are an inadequate amount of nutrition and many risks that could lead to chronic illnesses.Walking down the meat aisle at the Albertson’s grocery store, I look to the right and notice a section devoted to low-carbohydrate foods.The foods range from pasta, bread, cake mix, chocolate, juices, shakes, and variety of other foods. The Atkins diet consists primarily of meat and foods with little to no carbohydrates. Though the Atkins diet may be an efficient way to lose weight, people should avoid the Atkins Diet because the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.The Atkins Diet Revolution may be beneficial for weight loss, but it also a revolution to a state of unhealthiness and unknown factors.Looking for easy argumentative essay topics for college students? In this type of paper, your task is to persuade your potential audience to agree with your arguments so your argumentative essay has to be logical and based on in-depth research. The best argumentative essay topics are debatable and controversial.One false theory is that only carbohydrates in the diet will stimulate insulin production.The truth is that all ingested foods stimulate insulin production (Williams, 374).The Atkins diet places no limit on the amount of saturated-fat-laden products one can have each day.Large portions of foods like butter, red meat and bacon are allowed and encouraged.


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