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Some of the penalties that were converted into enslavement include: ex-communication from the community, beatings, compensation, and exile (Nunn 153).Therefore, instead of the African communities subjecting their own members to these penalties, they decided to enslave them for false accusations. During its occurrence, slaves were transported to the new world colonies of Europe, from various regions and States including Eastern region of Africa, West Central Africa, as well as West Africa (Inikori 106).

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Another negative impact of trans-Atlantic slave trade on Africa was deterioration of the established legal institutions.

One of the ways that were used by the slave merchants to obtain slaves was through false accusations.

For instance, the weakening of political institutions domestically occurred within the West Central Africa’s Kongo Kingdom, where the local Kongo citizens were kidnapped in early 1514, and handed over or sold to Portuguese slave merchants.

This scenario became rampant with time and created lots of social and political disorder, leading to collapse of the entire Kingdom and the King’s authority (Curtin 198).

However, the problem was that, these weapons could only be obtained from European colonies in exchange of raised, captured and kidnapped slaves.

This escalated slave trade and created much more hatred between African states, due to the act of enslaving one another for security and protection.

They actively engaged in false accusations against individuals for community crimes like witchcraft.

Since most of the African communities, at that particular time, had established judicial and punishment penalties for such crimes; the slave merchant took advantage of these situation to convert such penalties into enslavement.

Social interaction was highly compromised following high levels of insecurity among various social groups, and this led to confinement of populations within their respective ethnic boundaries and groups.

Due to the rising incidences of conflicts, suspicion and banditry, arising form trans-Atlantic slave trade, there was destruction of almost all the village networks and federations, that had been created before, in the 19 century (Nunn 141).


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