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However, there is one segment that is a major success with 3 million worth of merchandise a year.2 This of course is the Pearling Industry in the northern part of the state.While sustainable fisheries management is a challenge, solid global and regional governance of these vital resources will ensure that we can produce enough fish for those living in poor regions.

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1 The following essay will be a broad examination of the conditions and requirements of aquaculture and a closer study of the industry in Western Australia.

It should be noted that the industry is only at a fledgling stage with a handful of organisms in commercial production.

Aquatic organisms depend upon water for all their needs. Water quality in ponds for aquaculture (Auburn, Auburn University Press, 1990). A Guide to the Pearling Industry (Sydney, Longman Books, 1995).

Large quantities of water must be available year round. Commodity Economics Division, Economic Research Service, US Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC.

The scope of this essay is to study those other sections of the industry within the state that displays some potential to be commercially viable in the mid to long term. The ecology and cultivation of trout (Melbourne, Monash University Press, 1994). B., Profitability of selected aquaculture species (ABARE Discussion paper 91.11, 1991).

Water Sources Water supply is the most important factor in selecting the location for an aquaculture facility. An Introduction to Marron and Freshwater Crayfish Farming In Western Australia (Fisheries Department of Western Australia, 1992).

Aquaculture can also be conducted in man-made water vessels (or equipment) such as tanks which are commonly found in fish hatcheries.

Aquaculture is commonly referred to as fish farming and produces the farm-raised salmon that you purchase from your local grocery store.

Improving the productivity of fisheries and aquaculture is vital to reducing hunger and poverty for millions in the developing world.

Sustainable, productive fisheries and aquaculture improve food and nutrition security, increase income and improve livelihoods, promote economic growth and protect our environment and natural resources.


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