Application Essay In Microeconomics Theory

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However, when considering a dominant strategy, it may be considered that the iterated dominance would be for each person to speak out, in turn pushing the other player to also speak.

Essentially, iterated dominance is seen as the dominant strategy for that individual player, in the case above being for the player to speak out, and potentially receive 0 years.

The police will try to convince each prisoner to confess the crime by offering them a “get out of jail free card,” while the other prisoner will be sentenced to a ten years term.

If both prisoners confess (and therefore they defect), each prisoner will be sentenced to eight years.

Within this, the prisoners’ dilemma touches on rational behaviour and enforcement; whereas enforcement involves cooperation.

2) A strategic form is the right choice for simultaneous games whereby both players make their move simultaneously given the information which they have available.You are informed of the admissions decision before the end of January.Also useful is the University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus.Both prisoners are offered the same deal and know the consequences of each action (complete information) and are completely aware that the other prisoner has been offered the exact same deal (therefore, there is common knowledge).Brief description of the strategy Ultimately, the ‘Nash Equilibrium ‘may be for each to remain silent, shortening each of their sentences.In the application you specify the College to which you would like to be admitted, or you could submit an 'open' application which is randomly allocated to one of the Colleges.All applicants are required to take the pre-interview written assessment in Economics organised by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing on 31 October 2018 at a local authorised test centre (which could be your school/college), which has to register you by 15 October 2018.The most well-known of all these games could be seen as the Prisoner’s Dilemma.It’s use has transcended economics, being used in fields such as business management, psychology and biology, to name a few.Further information about the applications process for Cambridge is available at or, for overseas applicants, at If you have any further questions about the admissions process, please contact a College or the Cambridge Admissions Office (email: [email protected]), or come to an Open Day.


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