Apple Problem Solving

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Some users on Apple’s forums have stated that their Apple Watch has failed to properly track their exercises, routes, or heart rate.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can check to try to fix this.

And once you’ve dealt with those, take a gander at our roundup of Apple Watch tips and tricks.

There are a few threads popping up at the Apple support forum about the Walkie Talkie app not working on the Apple Watch.

This is actually because Apple has disabled the Walkie Talkie app after privacy concerns were raised about it allowing people to eavesdrop on conversations without their consent.

One of our readers, Sarah, kindly contacted us to explain this issue and how to fix it, and there’s also a discussion of this one in the Apple support forum.

The issue is that the Apple Watch screen is not coming to life as it usually does when people raise their wrist or do a flicking motion with it.

There are big discussions on Reddit, Mac Rumors forum, and the Apple support forum about light bleed from the Apple Watch Series 4 display.

Battery life is definitely one of the main weaknesses of the Apple Watch, but it should generally still get you through the day before needing a refuel.

If you find that your Apple Watch battery is draining suspiciously fast, then you may have a problem.


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