Ap World History Columbian Exchange Essay

Ap World History Columbian Exchange Essay-15
There is a positive side to this tragic tradeoff, without it we wouldn’t have been able to develop antidotes to help prevent them and make our immune system stronger.Natives benefited substantially from the exchange of technology, while the Europeans profited from the native’s ideas and culture.In some cases various tribes were infected and almost completely wiped out before they even made contact with the Europeans.

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The Columbian Exchange has been called the “greatest human intervention in nature since the invention of agriculture” (Grennes 2007).

The exchange of diseases, plants, and animals lead to a global cultural and economic shift throughout the Old and New Worlds following Christopher Columbus' 'discovery' of the Americas in 1492.

In North America, population was not as dense as their southern neighbors but their environment did not go unscathed.

For example, the slash-and-burn method was used to improve their hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

After Columbus discovered the New World in 1492 the exchange continued throughout the years of growth and discovery.

The Columbian Exchange changed the social and cultural sides of all parties.

Improvements in farming production, evolution of warfare, improved mortality rates and education are a few illustrations of the reason why the effect of the Columbian Exchange on the world over-shadows the negative effects such as the diseases that were exchanged.

On a technological stand point the Europeans didn’t significantly benefit from the less innovative Native Americans.

The Columbian Exchange refers to the period of cultural and biological give-and-take between the New and Old Worlds.

Interchange of plants, animals, and technology renovated European and Native American ways of life.


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