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You can identify these questions from words like “infer,” and “imply.” The key to these questions is to not be tripped up by the fact that you are making an inference—there will be a best answer, and it will be the choice that is best supported by what is actually found in the passage.

In many ways, inference questions are like second-level reading comprehension questions—you need to know not just what a passage says, but what it means.

Example: These are questions in which you have to either identify what word or phrase is figurative language or provide the meaning of a figurative phrase.

You can identify these as they will either explicitly mention figurative language (or a figurative device like simile or metaphor) or will include a figurative language phrase in the question itself.

The exam tests your ability to analyze works and excerpts of literature and cogently communicate that analysis in essay form.

Read on for a breakdown of the two different sections and their question types.They don’t require you to do a lot of interpretation—you just need to know what is actually going on.You can identify these from words and phrases like “according to,” “asserting,” “mentioned,” and so on.Example: These questions will ask you to describe something about a character.You can spot them because they will refer directly to characters’ attitudes, opinions, beliefs, or relationships with other characters.Example: Some questions will ask you to identify or describe something about the passage/poem as a whole: its purpose, tone, genre, etc.You can identify these by phrases like “in the passage,” and “as a whole.” To answer these questions, you need to think about the excerpt with a bird’s-eye view.This is, in many ways, a special kind of inference question since you are inferring the broader personality of the character based on the evidence in a passage.Also, these crop up much more commonly for prose passages than poetry ones.If you're planning to take the AP English Literature and Composition exam, you'll need to get familiar with what to expect from the test.Whether the 2020 test date of Wednesday, May 6 is near or far, I’m here to help you get serious about preparing for the exam.


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