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In the discussion of the Texas Constitution, I pointed out the constitutions provide organization, operation, limitations and what?

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it sets legal precedents that guide the decisions of other judges b. it allows the courts a great deal of leeway in interpreting the law d. it determines the number of justices that sit on the Supreme Court 44. President Barack Obama wishes to appoint Roger Dodger as director of the PEA.

Native Americans could no longer live in America 46.

In order to have his legislative agenda passed into law, the president a. can go straight to the people and have them approve his policies e. An informal rule that the Senate will not confirm nominees within or from a state unless they have approval of the senior senator of the state form the president’s party is known as what?

is usually able to convince Congress to go along with his ideas b.

According to the findings from the 2010 Texas Poll, Whites, Blacks and Latinos all equally prioritize what value?

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specific commercial activities enumerated in the Constitution 40.

What was his basis for ruling the law unconstitutional?

Recently, a federal judge in Florida rules aspects of the recent health care reform law unconstitutional.

Samuel Huntington believes that from three centuries, “race was central to American national identity” and, more specifically, that _____ a.

Which of the following states has NOT become home to a disproportionately high number of recent immigrants?


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