Ap English Essays Rubric

Example: These questions ask about overall elements of the passage or the author, such as the author’s attitude on the issue discussed, the purpose of the passage, the passage’s overarching style, the audience for the passage, and so on.

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What is the author trying to accomplish with the particular moment in the text identified in the question?

You can identify these questions because they will generally explicitly ask what purpose a certain part of the text serves.

The multiple-choice section is primarily focused on how well you can read and understand nonfiction passages for their use of rhetorical devices and tools.

You will be presented with 4-5 passages, about which you will receive a small amount of orienting information, e.g.

With the 2016 AP English Language and Composition exam approaching on Wednesday, May 11, it’s time to make sure that you’re familiar with all aspects of the exam.

In this article, I’ll give a brief overview of the test, do a deeper dive on each of the sections, discuss how the exam is scored, offer some strategies for studying, and finally wrap up with some essential exam day tips.You may also see words or phrases like “serves to” or “function.” Example: These questions will ask you to identify a rhetorical strategy used by the author.They will often specifically use the phrase “rhetorical strategy,” although sometimes you will be able to identify them instead through the answer choices, which offer different rhetorical strategies as possibilities.However, it might not be immediately apparent that the phrase being referenced is figurative, so you may need to go back and look at it in the passage to be sure of what kind of question you are facing.Example: Still other questions will ask you to identify what purpose a particular part of the text serves in the author’s larger argument.“This passage is excerpted from a collection of essays on boating” or “This passage is excerpted from an essay written in 19th-century Haiti.” You will be asked somewhere from 10-15 questions per passage.There are, in general, eight question types you can expect to encounter on the multiple-choice section of the exam.You can identify these questions from phrases like “according to” “refers,” etc.The best way to succeed on these questions is to go back and re-read the part of the passage referred to very carefully.Which interpretation offered in the answers does the passage most support?You can identify questions like these from words like “best supported,” ‘“implies,” “suggests,” “inferred,” and so on.


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