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The first thing you need to know, however, is that the AP Bio exam will be a challenge for you, no matter what kind of experience you have.

A question that asks you to discuss a topic is asking you for something broader than a mere description.

A discussion is more like a conversation about ideas, and— depending on the topic—this may be an appropriate place to talk about tension between competing theories and views.

A simple description of an experimental setup would not be an adequate answer to the latter question.

Instead, you would need to describe that setup and talk about why it would be an effective method of measuring the result.

Questions that ask you to compare or contrast are asking you to analyze a topic in relation to something else.

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A question about comparison needs an answer that is focused on similarities between the two things.

On the 2014 AP Biology exam, only 6.5% of all test takers earned the coveted score of 5.

That may sound intimidating, but it’s not all bad since 22.2% earned a 4 and 35.1% earned a 3, meaning 63.8% of all test takers passed the 2014 exam.

A question that asks you to explain something is asking you to take something complicated or unclear and present it in simpler terms.

For example, an explanation question might ask you to explain why an experiment is likely to produce a certain set of results, or how one might measure a certain sort of experimental result.


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