Ap Biology Essay Questions Cell Membrane

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(HINT: You've done the calculations for the two controls; just organize the two controls into one data table in a separate sheet).

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Due dates and specific details may be adjusted during class.

Reading assignments should be completed before class, although "pop quizzes" will never be given.

Sections indicated from the syllabus are from this text.

Students need not bring their texts to class unless specifically asked to do so. Use the text as a resource to explain the topics discussed in class and lab. Students will keep a record of their laboratory work in their notebook/binder, including all raw data collection and documentation of their laboratory investigations.

Often a short (5-15 minute) video clip or two is offered to present the content in addition to the text.

Students will receive both a Fall Binder, a Spring Binder and a Review binder.

Dave: Protein Structure (11 min) Focus Questions: All (write 3.9 to the left- include at least 8 links) except 3.10 and 3.11 (we will not study nucleic acids now) Structure your knowledge: 2, 3 & 4 (You will need a sheet of paper for #4) Matching All except 3 and 6 Multiple Choice: All except 6, 14, 22, and 24-26 The videos section of the resurces provides links to videos that either are short snippets on individual concepts, or they are 10-15 minute presentations on a larger topic.

Those done by Bozemen Science (by an AP Bio teacher named Paul Anderson) are the best.

AP Biology Investigative Labs (published by the College Board) plus numerous addtional labs described in handouts in the class binder. Students will also be writing formal lab reports and data analysis on most of their investigations.

Students will use the syllabus below for both daily and long term asssignments.


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