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A spate of suicides linked directly to the effects of bullying has brought the issue front and center in the nation's conscience.A recent article in highlights the issue and the ramifications for both the victim and the bullies.Using journals, surveys, and professional websites such as the National Association of School Principals, this research will highlight what is being done, some of the history of bullying and efforts to control it, and new measures designed to treat bullying as a serious crime and not just, what mischievous children do.

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Adults are not always present, and this is when most bullying occurs.

Additionally, adults do not always provide good models of authority, and bullying becomes an effective way to deal with problems.

Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old Irish immigrant, committed suicide in January of this year after being bullied by a group of older teens.

These older teens were not like the stereotypical bullies of the past, though that kind of bully has not completely disappeared.

In the wake of Phoebe's case, however, the District Attorney filed felony charges against nine teenagers connected with Phoebe's death.

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The felony charges range from statutory rape to stalking, and civil-rights violations.This research will highlight the problems of bullying, efforts to address it, and recommend remedies to combat bullying in the schools and the permissible violence that spawns it.Literature Review Before beginning this literature review, it is important to define just what bullying is, the forms it typically takes, and its prevalence.Peter Smith, of the Goldsmith College Unit for School and Family Studies (nod)., has outlined the definition and types and prevalence of school bullying and violence.According to Smith, bullying is repeated oppression of a less powerful person, physical or psychological, by a more powerful person (taken from Farrington, 1993).Though the school's inaction was not criminal, the District Attorney called it 'troubling.' The school's assumption was that there was no proof that the bullying led directly to her suicide. They have become so subtle and cunning that school officials do not know what this kind of bullying looks like and do not know how to stop it.Experts say that some bullying is so subtle that without training, it is almost impossible to see.Males are more likely to physically attack, while females are more relational in their attacks. J., Simons-Morton, B., & Scheidt, P.) of students in grades 6-10 revealed that 13% reported being bullies,11% reported being bullied, and 6%said that they had been bullied and were bullies themselves.Frequency of attacks increases then decreases with age, and physical attacks peak earlier than verbal or relational attacks. Males are more likely to report being hit, slapped or punched, while females are more likely to be the target of rumors and sexual comments. Females typically target other females, using more subtle approaches such as gossip.A simple zero-tolerance policy alone is not effective.Training for school personnel, education for all students, and developing a culture of trust and tolerance are other major steps that need to be taken to prevent tragedies such as Phoebe's and other, less-publicized, though equally destructive incidences of school bullying.


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