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Quindlen became a full time student within a year following her mother's passing.

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As she navigates her way through a labyrinth of observations and questions, I am carried back in time to an event in my life and forced to inspect it all over again.

In the very first paragraph Quindlen describes the relationship I have with my mother.

With her NEW YORK TIMES-based column, "LIFE IN THE 30s," Anna Quindlen vaulted to national attention, and this wonderful collection shows why.

As she proved in OBJECT LESSONS and THINKING OUT LOUD, Anna Quindlen's views always fascinate.

A graduate of Vassar College, Quindlen went on to be a reporter and then human interest columnist for the New York times.

Before graduating, she took on the role of freshman dormitory counselor, mentoring first year students in everything from abortions and birth control to what major would land them a quality job upon graduation.Needing a book written by an author with the last name Q to complete an A to Z author challen Before Anna Quindlen became an award winning novelist, she was a syndicated columnist for the New York Times.Needing a book written by an author with the last name Q to complete an A to Z author challenge this year, I naturally turned to Quindlen, one of my favorite contemporary authors today.If my husband and I were having problems I could ask her how dad and she got through it. I have seen it tear people down and make people stronger.But more than those things, she became my best friend, she needed me t... I have seen it make people bitter and I chose for it to make me grateful.Anna Quindlen’s short story Mothers reflects on the very powerful bond between a mother and a daughter.A bond that she lost at the age of nineteen, when her mother died from ovarian cancer.These experiences change people, it changed Quindlen and it changed me.I try and stay present with the people I have right now.We construct fantasy and Quindlen ask if “the fantasy has within it a nugget of fact” (Quindlen 32) and the torture seems to be never knowing.Anna Quindlen let me and all of her readers into a very personal experience in her life and through it I was vividly reminded of a time in my own life.


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