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In the rich story of All the Pretty Horses, the variety of themes adds complexity and allows room for multiple interpretations.Loss of innocence and loss of the past are two parallel themes in the novel.

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After embarking on this journey, John Grady and Rawlins are no longer children.However, the Mexican Revolution, of 40 years earlier, has altered the hopes and dreams of family members.It has made the aunt cynical and controlling, Senor Rocha passive and withdrawn into his hobbies.Mc Carthy's technique of introducing characters only as "he" or "she" and not naming them for several pages, if ever, can make the story difficult to follow and warns us not to assume that the characters are easy to understand.In the first mention of a character, we see the surface skin and perhaps a description or action; later, we learn the character's name; and finally, the story unfolds.Last, and most important, is the nature theme and the relationship between human beings and the earth.The horses play a central role in defining what Mc Carthy is saying about human existence.For example, we don't learn John Grady's name until the fifth page of the book.But it is the events of the entire book that fill in his character, and, even then, we must wait for the third book of the trilogy to get the complete picture of who John Grady is.Differing from these American families is the family history of the Rochas at La Purisima. All have received excellent educational experiences and only suffer, if at all, from too much family interference, yet, the Rocha family has been molded by Spanish and European traditions as well as the Mexican Revolution.The aunt was educated in Europe, and Senor Rocha is well-read and knowledgeable about Spanish and European history.


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