Anesthesist Nurse

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Clinical sites include in-patient and out-patient settings in the greater Atlanta and surrounding areas with experiences at major medical centers and at rural sites.*The graduate statistics course may be taken after admission into the nurse anesthesia program but prior to start of the program.

Emory Nursing offers an online graduate level statistics course specifically tailored to DNP students and those admitted are strongly encouraged to consider taking this course.

Some questions you may consider after shadowing are: The expectation for shadowing is to observe the role and responsibilities of the CRNA, not to become an expert in the various types of anesthesia or to have an in depth understanding of all machines, gases and medications.

This experience provides an opportunity to reinforce your decision of which direction to take on your career path.

For some, the shadowing experience may reinforce the plan to pursue a career as a CRNA.

For others, the shadowing experience may demonstrate that this career path is not the best choice for your career goals.The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA) is mandating a transition in the level of education required for entry into practice from the master’s degree to the doctoral degree.Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs are required to be no less than 36-months in length and graduates then become eligible to take a national certification examination.An additional year of preparation and possibly taking course work in the plan of study prior to formal admission to the anesthesia program may make a significant difference.Note, taking core courses does not guarantee admission in a subsequent interview cycle.Applicants must submit official transcripts from all degree programs attended, a curriculum vitae/resume, 3 letters of recommendations (Professor/Faculty Member, Supervisor/Employer responsible for your annual performance review, and a professional colleague, physician or CRNA), and an application fee () by the specified deadline.It is also strongly recommended that students shadow a CRNA/Anesthesiologist for a minimum of 16 hours prior to applying to the program.Selecting from a pool of qualified individuals to enter a nurse anesthesia educational program is challenging and highly competitive.Therefore, it is important to be well prepared for an interview.There will be a wait list of 2-3 additional applicants.Should a selected student decline admission, a student on the waitlist will be offered the position.


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