Ancient Greek And Roman Architecture Essays

The city of Rome has many of the great architectural feats of the ancient world.

Many of these buildings and other assorted structures, although they were built around 2000 years ago, are still standing and even in use.

The interior of the Pantheon is in the shape of a cylinder.

The diameter at the floor of the cylinder is also 142 feet, which is equal to the height of the interior of the cylinder. These rings of concrete have less weight as the raise in height. While the bottom rings were 20 feet thick, they become only 4 feet thick at the oculus.

Romans were fully influenced by Greeks and they copied every aspect of Greek art from sculpture to architecture.

It is due to this reason that Roman art is not highly regarded as the Greek’s.

This marble helped them become the great architectural city that we see even in present times.

Later on, in the first century AD, the Romans began to use concrete in greater use.

While Roman art shares a lot of similarities with Greek art, there are differences that separate the two artworks.

One of major difference between the two cultures is their approach towards art.


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