Analogy Essay Examples

Keys have features which attempt to match the features of the lock (similarity).

But a lock either opens completely or not at all, whereas an analogy can give a partial explanation for some parts and not others (difference).

When I say voltage is to the electric force what height is to the gravitational force, that is helpful because height is more concrete than electric potential.

But a good analogy doesn’t need to be concrete, it only needs to be expressed in terms of an idea you already know deeply.

One of my favorites was from an MIT ecology class which expressed the idea of biological niche as a section of an n-dimensional feature space.

If you didn’t study linear algebra, that may not make any sense, but it was widely appreciated by the audience who had a stronger math background.

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Although the “reformer” remains unidentified in most editions of Emerson’s essays, Emerson, by citing this authority, gives added weight to his own argument.

The model says that firms make their decisions in advance, that doesn’t correspond well to children playing.

In the model, nobody is stealing, rather it’s their decision to produce more which increases supply and reduces prices for everyone.


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