An Argument Essay

A strong conclusion can help summarize your point of view and reinforce with your reader why your stance is the best option.You might consider reserving one overwhelmingly shocking statistic for the conclusion, one that leaves no room for doubt in your reader's mind.It clearly explains the process of your reasoning from the known or assumed to the unknown.

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Argumentative essays are often organized in the following manner: Finally revise and edit, and be sure to apply the critical process to your argument to be certain you have not committed any errors in reasoning or integrated any fallacies for which you would criticize some other writer.

After describing the "other" side, present your own viewpoint and then provide evidence to show why your position is the correct one.

Work to discredit the other side using some of the information you discovered in your research.

One of your essay's first objectives will be to assess both sides of your issue.

Consider strong arguments for both your side, as well as the "other" side—in order to shoot their statements down.


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