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In views of Tans prompt she gives the eaters the impression that her mother is an uneducated Chinese woman who does not comprehend the language, Nevertheless, this was never the effect Tan intended for readers to assume of her mother considering that Amy did not think her mother Vass ignorant or uneducated because her intelligent thoughts and answers were there.Her mother just could not relay her thoughts into understandable words like the time when talking to the stockbroker.She does apeal to ethos(emotion), logos(logic), and pathos(credibility). It’s my mother tongue.”, “Like others, I have described it to people as “broken” or “fractured” English. Also, her logical apeal can be found in “I wanted to capture what language ability tests can never reveal: her intent, her passion, her imagery, the rhythms of her speech and the nature of her thoughts.” and “Sociologists and linguists probably will tell you that a person’s developing language spoken in the family, especially in immigrant families which are more insular, plays a large role in shaping the language of the child.

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This is a very common misconception by people; don? Providing the subjective point of view, it is clear that Amy feels very strong and passionate with the connection to her mother.

It is important to understand basic details of any reading to then understand the main idea of the reading.

I used to use dialect when talking to parents as Amy used her mother’s limited English when she talked to her mother, but use standard Korean when having a conversation with friends.

But I realized that there is nothing to feel ashamed or awkward about it.

Personally, I am really being impressed with her essay because she takes her own experiences that she had gone through when she had felt ashamed of her parents’ English and shows how it changed.

I have a kind of sympathy about her – my family live near Seoul and my parents use dialect of the region far from Seoul.

A lot of the time Amy had to handle situations, at a very young age, where she was the middle person between her mother and another person who did not understand anything her mother was saying. t feel Amy needed to be introduced to something like that at such an impressionable age. s mother should have taken a stand and practiced her English to better herself and family.

Reversing rolls with the parent can have a heavy impact on a child? I feel that during that time, there were not a lot of options for her mother, and she did the best she could, but could have improved on this situation. s purpose in the essay is to inform and express her beliefs and new discovery of the language of intimacy.

In Tans essay she quotes her mothers’ speech to demonstrate her mothers “broken English”, it was a very trivial story but the thing that is worth looking at was her mother’s grammar.

The quoted parts were filled with grammatical mistakes and the text was quite confusing.


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