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As an ideology, it stands for nearly the opposite of America’s national motto.

It seeks to divide and conquer Americans, making many groups out of one citizenry.

By multiculturalism, we do not mean the mere presence of many cultures, races, or ethnic traditions, which are a fixture of modern American life and can be found across our states, communities, institutions, and private associations.

One of America’s—and Americanism’s—great virtues has always been the maintenance of a wide realm of liberty and civic society in which a vibrant mix of cultural heritages and individual excellence could flourish. , on the other hand, is not this benign tolerance of diverse traditions.

Slavery was the glaring exception, finally overcome by the genius of Abraham Lincoln.

American Culture Essays

Even as the slave-state South and its intellectual and political defenders once threatened to erect, enforce, and make permanent a perverse and unnatural new morality—and as the external ideology of Communism threatened to do the same a century later—today a fanatical class of multiculturalists seeks to divide and destroy our shared identity as Americans. Unlike Americanism, properly understood, multiculturalism defines and defends the rights of groups rather than individuals and denies the possibility of any natural standard from which to assess the goodness of political or moral arrangements.Today, multiculturalism and its politics of identity pose an existential threat to the American political order comparable to slavery in the 1850s or communism during the Cold War.Once confined to graduate seminars and the ethnic “studies” departments at our nation’s colleges and universities, multiculturalism is now the authoritative ideology reigning over higher education, our media and political establishments, legal system, and corporate boardrooms.Because they are confused about this most important threat to America and the Founders’ Constitution, they have a disordered view of priorities and policies, of ends and means.The failure to apprehend fully and take seriously multiculturalism has also led many on the Right to misinterpret and underappreciate President Trump’s virtues and his significance as a political phenomenon.He thus fought on the high ground of justice established by the Declaration of Independence—all while coldly calculating politics as the art of the possible.The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God may be immutable, but their application is changeable.It keeps a running list of friends and enemies, a roster of praise, shame, and blame.In short, multiculturalism is a worldview—a , in the classical sense; a political and cultural way of life all wrapped up in one.The strategy and tactics of the furtherance of justice in politics must be fluid; prudence is not caution and sometimes one must move quickly, even boldly.There are few categorical rules in politics, but in a republic, public opinion is everything.


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