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All I could think, as my peers used big words to discuss and refute Hegel’s ideas, was Hegel rhymes with Kegel. In the years following my not learning anything about Hegel in FYSEM, many things changed for me. Every semester I signed up for as many classes as I could fit in my schedule.

I guess this is what happens when a country is shaken like this, we become polarized. My departure day for the United States was fast approaching.

I counted down the days, because my anguish had turned into sickness and anger. Nibhaya’s death represented something bigger, for me and the rest of the country.

When I stepped out of Mumbai’s international airport, into the humid but cool “winter” air, my father did not recognize me. I was about to graduate from college, what was next? I spent much of that winter break in my parents’ apartment, in the bedroom that was only mine when I was there.

My mother would later joke but not joke that my father had pointed at every young woman walking out of the arrivals area, except me, and enthusiastically exclaimed, “there she is! I volunteered with Teach for India during the day, but spent the evenings in my room.


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