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Here’s the cherry on top: You don’t even need a special pen to write on Rite in the Rain paper. That’s because Rite in the Rain isn’t your average paper. In fact, all Rite in the Rain papers undergo a wet paper test to ensure endurance.

You can recycle Rite in the Rain paper just as you would regular paper.

I usually use a hand-held computer on site to record the notes I'll use to write my inspection report.

I'm not willing, however, to take my expensive equipment out in the rain, sleet and snow. You could be under the shower and be able to write notes on this paper.

For economy, its not paper that you'll want to use every day, but on those wet, stormy inspections, Rite in the Rain paper works, as I do, in the rain.

The Gear Junkie: Rite in the Rain paper By STEPHEN REGENOLD Last fall, on a trip to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, I prodigiously journaled and took notes for two days, only to have my pages soaked on a kayaking trip into the jungle. So for the past six months I’ve left regular notebook paper in the office, relying instead on Rite in the Rain “all-weather writing paper,” which eschews water like a duck’s back.Pages in a Rite in the Rain notebook never cling together.Ink or pencil lead easily transfers written word to page.You don't need a special writing instrument, just a regular pencil.And, if you're going to print on this paper you'll need to use a laser printer because its water resistant qualities make it unsuitable for ink-jet printing. Over the years, his idea evolved to become Rite in the Rain, a company that develops recyclable notebooks, loose leaf paper and printer paper.Today, the company is based in Tacoma, WA — a place that gets even more rain than Seattle, so it seems about right.Imagine this: You’re walking outside and all of a sudden it starts raining — hard — as if you just got caught in a torrential downpour.Of course, this is the day you left your umbrella at home and now everything in your bag is soaked including your planner and journal.I don't even want to touch my hand held computer when Ive been rained on because of an expensive and frustrating on-site lesson I once learned on how hand held computers and water don't mix. Rite in the Rain paper comes as copier paper, so you can print an inspection report checklist on it if you'd like.Instead I use Rite in the Rain paper to take notes in the rain. It is also available in loose leaf format, a large assortment of notebooks and in a variety of line and grid patterns.


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