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Tennyson wrote the poem rather quickly, following a sea voyage to his home on the Isle of Wight during which he was quite ill.In the work, Tennyson uses an extended metaphor of a sea journey to describe death.It is believed that Tennyson composed the work as an elegy, a reflective poem on death.

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Even his most severe critics have always recognized his lyric gift for sound and cadence, a gift probably unequaled in the history of English poetry, but one so absolute that it has sometimes been mistaken for mere facility.

The lurid history of Tennyson's family is interesting in itself, but some knowledge of it is also essential for understanding the recurrence in his poetry of themes of madness, murder, avarice, miserliness, social climbing, marriages arranged for profit instead of love, and estrangements between families and friends.

Even if this can be attributed to Tennyson’s actual life, the ideas presented remain to be valuable in expounding on the human condition and give emphasis that the struggles enables people to learn and appreciate the importance of life.

More than any other Victorian writer, Tennyson has seemed the embodiment of his age, both to his contemporaries and to modern readers.

In his piece, Tennyson provides readers the ability to recognize the development of the speaker.

Initially, it can be seen that due to a difficult experience in the past, the speaker found it challenging to understand what is happening.Perspectives related to death, longing and despair are brought forward as a particular meaning is sought (Tennyson 1).Though there are numerous situations wherein the speaker wants to surrender to the grief, there are instances that enabled the person to persevere and recognize significance in all that is happening.Overall, Tennyson’s ‘In Memoriam’ remains to be rich and attracts multiple themes for readers to analyze and understand.Given the numerous sections, each one offers readers a deeper perspective of how the speaker transforms from being pessimistic and melancholic to somebody who finds hope and renewed faith.Here, readers are able to recognize the transformation of the speaker from questioning the continuing ability of science to challenge certain beliefs advocated by religion.Though there might be at times that the speaker of the poem is tempted to live a savage life, there is reaffirmation concerning the relevance of integrating science in order to become critical and develop further one’s faith (Victorian 1).For the poem, it affirms the necessity of recognizing the significance of human progress because it strengthens the resolve towards understanding how faith and religion fits in the equation.All these bring forward the scientific discoveries that are happening during Tennyson’s lifetime (Wilson 1).These in turn opened up the question of reconciling religion and science, and what common grounds are available.Another important theme is issues related to doubt and hope.


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