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His vision pierces to the world hidden from our senses, and realizes in the transitory present a scene in the slow development of a divine drama.To make us share his vision is to give his justification of Providence.In 1725 Bolingbroke settled at Dawley, near Uxbridge, and for the next ten years he was alternately amusing himself in playing the retired philosopher, and endeavouring, with more serious purpose, to animate the opposition to Walpole.

He might have uttered the melancholy resignation and the confident hope incited in different minds by a contemplation of the mysterious world.Bolingbroke is acting the temperate recluse, having nothing for dinner but mutton-broth, beans and bacon, and a barndoor fowl.Whilst his lordship is running after a cart, Pope snatches a moment to tell how the day before this noble farmer had engaged a painter for 2001.When Milton told the story of the war in heaven and the fall of man, he gave implicitly his theory of the true relations of man to his Creator, but the abstract doctrine was clothed in the flesh and blood of a concrete mythology.In Pope's day the traditional belief had lost its hold upon men's minds too completely to be used for imaginative purposes.Having finished the Dunciad, he was soon employed on a more ambitious task.Pope resembled one of the inferior bodies of the solar system, whose orbit is dependent upon that of some more massive planet ; and having been a satellite of Swift, he was now swept into the train of the more imposing Bolingbroke.Its deity was not a historical personage, but the name of a metaphysical conception. To vindicate Providence meant no longer to stimulate imagination by pure and sublime rendering of accepted truths, but to solve certain philosophical problems, and especially the grand difficulty of reconciling the existence of evil with divine omnipotence and benevolence.Pope might conceivably have written a really great poem on these terms, though deprived of the concrete imagery of a Dante or a Milton.IT is a relief to turn from this miserable record of Pope's petty or malicious deceptions to the history of his legitimate career.I go back to the period when he was still in full power.


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