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He further raised a bogus demand of over 32 lacs on me and presented one of my previous cheques withheld with him with malafide intentions in a clever manner. The trading member fraudulently transferred all the shares from my DMAT a/c 10651928 to his DP pool a/c on 28th Jun-04 misusing my speed-e given to him in good faith and then allegedly sold all these shares on 29th Jun-04 without my knowledge.Its Group Companies also deal in Pharmaceutical Retail, Electronic Health Record (recordxpert), Third Party Administrator (TPA), Insurance Broking for Life & Non-Life insurance along with issuance of online policies.

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Later these cheques were reported to me to have been destroyed by Alankit.

to close the a/c of year 2003-2004 and then for reopening the next year a/c, perhaps because it does not have to be reported to authorities as per SEBI Rules.

On 26th Jun 04, we realized that market scenario is not good at all and his intentions had become malafide when he ruthlessly tried to mingle with the accounts of my wife and my brother-in-law.

Since there was no follow up of any kind I accepted their statement to be true, lest realizing their malafide intentions and criminal plans.

The trading member has cheated and defrauded me in a planned manner and now refuses to return my shares as placed at page 10 and money kept in margin account as reflected in the statement of a/c. Even NSE has failed to obtain my entitled documents/accounts requested by me and finally referred the case for arbitration.

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1 stated as under: "The Case I had paid Rs.14.4 lacs by cheques to the trading member M/s. towards investment under a specific scheme as explained in Section-C and had transferred shares worth around 3.5 lacs from my old DMAT a/c 10019234 to my new DMAT a/c 10651928. claims to have traded in my shares on my behalf in my account but has not even provided me with the basic entitled documents needed by me to understand the a/c and prepare the reply to his alleged claim. This cheque in question was issued on 30th March 2004 for an accounting jugglery i.e. He fraudulently used my DMAT speed-e password to transfer all the shares to his pool a/c. Copy of his letter is enclosed as Annexure-II at Page-H.Thus, it makes it much easier for the clients to meet their compliance and investment goals in a hassle-free manner.Alankit Assignments Ltd., the flagship company was incorporated in 1991 by a talented visionary entrepreneur, Mr Alok K Agarwal.Customer Centric With our committed workforce we develop relationship that makes a positive difference in our customers’ lives.Trustworthy We uphold clients trust, commitment & privacy for all our actions.Under his able guidance and management, the company has made unhindered steady progress since then.Alankit is a professionally managed, led by a team of level headed personnel with outstanding managerial acumen. He assured me that there is almost no probability of losing in a market, which is basically controlled by them and they always have advance information about it. He had some other such schemes too but I opted for one mentioned in preceding paragraph. Surprisingly, he was silent on the margin money of Rs.15 lacs with them since he fraudulently wanted to use one of the previously issued cheques of almost same amount to recover the alleged outstanding amount and which he did. Summary of the case This is a case of cheating and fraud where I was lured and trapped into a lucrative scheme with assured good returns on investment. 14.40 lacs in installments by cheques and shares worth over 3.5 lacs were transferred from my old DMAT Account No. However it was agreed that the negative consequences or losses will be borne by Alankit, if any. also offered me an income tax saving scheme where he can provide me the capital loss certificates from one of this companies/concerns to avoid Income Tax. Of course, I had seen such certificates being issued to various people for consideration. now suddenly informed me on 2nd July 04 vide their letter dated 30th June 2004 that on my instructions he had sold off shares from my account worth Rs.75,84,208.65/- on and that I have to still pay him Rs.32,72,631.59/-.


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