Air Pollution Cars Essay

Improperly discarded car batteries can create a major health hazard and pollution source.

Auto batteries contain lead and sulfuric acid, which can harm the environment and pose health risks.

This is because of the deposition and accumulation of the particulate matter that is present in the emissions of the working engines of the vehicles.

As we all know that one of the largest killers the world over is cancer.

If car owners allow some of these items to make it into the environment, pollution problems can occur -- and can affect everyone.

Oil leaked from cars is among the major contributors to water pollution, according to the Washington State Department of Ecology in its website post "Car Maintenance." Each year, people spill 180 million gallons of used motor oil into lakes and rivers, making it the biggest contributor to oil pollution in those types of waterways.

Proper tire recycling reduces the risks of health and environmental problems.

A car doesn't have to blow a thick cloud of smoke to be a major source of air pollution.

While news reports focus on the air pollution that vehicles produce, the cars people drive daily on the streets cause pollution in other ways as well.

Cars are complex machines consisting of radiators, plastic, oil, rubber, hazardous wastes and other fluids.


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