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For members of a Reserve component who have not completed 180 days of continuous active military service and who are not on active duty, entry-level status begins upon enlistment in a Reserve component (including a period of assignment to a delayed entry program).Lost time, unless it is made up with the approval of HQ AFRC/A1.... A commander or supervisor must consider the impact on training readiness and mission effectiveness when considering requests for excusals.4.14.2.If for any reason the member fails to notify their unit commander or supervisor of the circumstances regarding the absence, the individual’s commander or supervisor contacts the individual, documenting such effort with Memorandum for Record or email.Example: Amn Doe is required to be at work at 0730 on Monday but fails to report.Amn Doe’s supervisor, first sergeant, and commander investigate his absence and the commander determines the absence to be voluntary.Charge it to leave if not authorized for another reason (ref: AFI 36-3003, Military Leave Program).A new HR type PPA AWOL/Deserter CMS case is required to revoke the unauthorized absence report.Every effort must be made to make personal contact during the first period of the UTA/IDT, but not later than the end of the UTA/IDT.If contact is made anytime during the UTA/IDT, the commander may excuse, unexcuse, or authorize other training as appropriate, based upon the merits of the case.… It is incumbent on the commander, first sergeant, and supervisor to investigate a member’s absence to determine whether or not the absence is voluntary or involuntary.This regulation does not apply to the Air National Guard. Members who have not fulfilled their Military Service Obligation (MSO) in accordance with Title 10 U. C., Section 651, may be ordered to active duty for training (ADT), regardless of the length of prior AD or ADT, for a period of not more than 45 days under Title 10 U. Enlisted members assigned to the Selected Reserve who are ordered to AD or ADT may be returned to their previous unit of assignment or transferred to the IRR. Initiate discharge action according to AFI 36-3209....Chapter 1—STANDARDS, TRAINING AND RETIRED CATEGORIES, AND PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS ...1.3.1. Disposition of United States Air Force Reserve (AFRC) Unsatisfactory Participants. The member’s term of enlistment may be extended up to 6 months to permit completion of the designated period of AD in accordance with Title 10 U. Chapter 3—INITIAL ACTIVE DUTY FOR TRAINING (IADT)...3.2.3.


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