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Critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively are paramount.9, 2019, and provides enlisted Airmen who have 48 months’ time on station as of May 2019 the opportunity to apply for available Permanent Change of Station assignments in the Continental United States, or CONUS, through an immediate, straightforward and transparent process.This is the latest evolution of the Base of Preference program run by the Air Force’s Personnel Center and now includes eligible Career Airmen in ALL Air Force Specialty Codes assigned to CONUS locations.“This final step in the initiative normalizes the process we began in April, simplifying the BOP application so Airmen and commanders can make professional development and career decisions by aligning preferences with available requirements,” said Ron Gallucci, AFPC Assignments Programs and Procedures program manager.He advises Airmen with pending BOP applications to update their assignment preferences based on the posted available requirements.If an AFSC is not listed, Gallucci said no available requirement in that AFSC exists that quarter.However, logisticians assigned in support of SOF are exposed to additional skills, authorities, funding streams, and nonstandard means to sustain geographically dispersed, small-scale operations. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has enjoyed success in recruiting and developing SOF logisticians by instituting a holistic, cyclic process.Recruiting, developing, and retaining logisticians to perform these skills can be much more difficult in the joint environment. SOCOM's ideal joint logistics officers are multifunctional experts in core functions.For officers, available special duty assignments include instructor positions at the Officer Training School, and within Reserve Officer Training Corps, the Professional Military Education program and Air Force Academy faculty.They also include jobs that have a functional "T-prefix" Air Force Specialty Code, or formal training instructor positions within initial skills training or formal school houses.They must be able to operate in the joint, interagency, intergovernmental, multinational, and commercial framework.SOF OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENT SOCOM's mission is to synchronize the planning of special operations and provide SOF personnel to support persistent, networked, and distributed geographic combatant command operations and protect and advance the nation's interests.


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