Agricultural Productivity Thesis

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Women’s work in agriculture has become more visible as their involvement in agricultural production has deepened in response to the economic opportunities in commercial agriculture and the rising need for them to provide for the household (Lastarria-corhiel ).

However, despite their increased involvement in agriculture, significant differences have been identified in the level of productivity of men and women.

While labor productivity was higher on plots managed by males, the use of inputs was found to have a significant negative relationship with labor productivity in the highest quantile on plots owned by both gender.) and the sector has been identified as the major source of income of most rural households.

Sub-Saharan Africa ranks high in the world in terms of the proportion of people living in poverty, and agriculture has been identified to have the potentials of reducing poverty and promoting economic development in the region.

Women especially in the rural areas are known to play crucial roles in household farming activities, thus contributing significantly to the amount of labor available for agriculture.

The increasing out-migration of men from rural areas and their participation in off-farm work has left agriculture more in the hands of women (Lastarria-corhiel ).

The elasticities of fixed capital are sizable, significant, and increasing over time.

Treestocks are revealed to be significant in agricultural production.

The relative prices of both agriculture and manufacturing declined over the sample period, as output growth exceeded growth in demand in these sectors.

This had a direct negative effect on productivity, and also impacted the intersectoral factor demands (decreasing the demand for capital and labor in agriculture and manufacturing, and hence increasing demand in other sectors of the economy, specifically services).


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