Advertisement Analysis Assignment

The D&G ad is an example of how the media are influencing our consumer culture into thinking that this is the way men should act towards women.In this ad there is a very beautiful, young woman laying in distress, under a very attractive male, who is holding her down by her wrists.

Around them are three other half-naked men who are also very good-looking.

The others gathered around them are just starring blankly at the woman being held down in distress.

What really matters is teaching the skill to students outside of an assignment so that they understand it.

Learning the skill in a separate setting helps them see how to apply it, then truly master it.

For example, your students could analyze the intent of an advertisement.

If students believe the ad argues it will make someone appear more youthful, get them to state that.

Students often do a fairly decent job of identifying facts to analyze, but they fall short of generating a complete analysis that draws a persuasive conclusion from those facts.

The key to closing this gap is to teach the fundamentals of analysis outside a writing assignment.

Most students struggle with analysis — observing a set of facts and interpreting what they mean.

Given that almost any writing assignment, from a middle school book report to a doctoral dissertation, requires analysis, it’s incumbent on teachers to help students improve their analytical skills.


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