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The series centers on the fictional town of Odyssey, and the lives of the people who live there, and in particular, an ice-cream and discovery emporium named Whit's End, and its owner, John Avery Whittaker, who was originally voiced by Hal Smith.In 1982, Focus on the Family began creating several short dramas for inclusion in the ministry's daily half-hour radio show; these radio dramas were′ commissioned by Focus on the Family founder and then-president Brandon Watkins as an alternative to Saturday-morning cartoons.

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No reviews, no interviews, just a look forward to the next podcasts, and a peek into the hilarity of Lee and Arista …

After years of searching for his true identity, Buck Oliver may finally get some answers when a painting from his mother suddenly shows up in Odyssey.

Hal Smith (1987–1994)Paul Herlinger (1996–2008)Andre Stojka (2009–present) Katie Leigh Will Ryan (1987–2000, 2005–present)Walker Edmiston (1987–2007)Dave Madden (1988–2008)Earl Boen Corey Burton (1991–2008)Pamela Hayden (1992–2000)Alan Young (1994–2012)Townsend Coleman (1994–present)Jess Harnell (2001–present)Audrey Wasilewski (2005–present)Chris Anthony Adventures in Odyssey (AIO), or simply Odyssey, is an Evangelical Christian radio drama and comedy series created and produced by Focus on the Family for kids.

The series first aired in 1987 as a 13-episode pilot called Family Portraits and has over 800 episodes to date.

We apologize it took us so long to correct the errors. It's so white you could turn it on its side and use it to ski on. And so long you'd have to be double jointed just to turn the corner.

Fun is the order of the day on this interim edition of the AIOWiki Podcast! An Adventures in Odyssey Club membership is required for the app to log into your account.The Adventures in Odyssey Club for families with kids 8-12 will enjoy the safe, fun online experience including monthly learning activities, daily devotions highlighting an audio adventure and more.I tend to spend a LOT of time scrolling through albums and searching for which episodes I want to listen to next.Sometimes I get frustrated because I want to listen and scroll at the same time.But along with clues about his family, he also is subjected to the dangers of his past.Elsewhere the Parkers are forced to evacuate their home, and Connie and Jules face roommate troubles.This effort culminated in with a thirteen-week test series titled Family Portraits which aired in early 1987.It was created by Steve Harris and Phil Lollar, who set it in a small Midwest town they called Odyssey.So dust off your imagination and join the kids in Odyssey for inspiring adventures that are flat-out fun!The Adventures in Odyssey Club app is a Focus on the Family product that grants you access to ALL of the Adventures in Odyssey episodes plus exclusive content.


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