Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Short Essay In English

The Internet has become a necessity of modern life.

The means of communication how quick they may be, cannot compete with the facilities offered by the Internet. One computer can be a typist, play station, cinema, telephone, fax machine, television, tape-recorder, and even a teacher.

The different websites that run into millions offer information in the sciences, arts, religions, education, commerce, industry, agriculture, governments, law and almost every topic or subject under the sun.

The use of the Internet, thus, promotes the communication of all sorts of information and knowledge in different societies and countries.

The computer is connected to the World Wide Web to gain the technical information one needs.

A firm, company, office or person can have his own website for the communication of his information to others.

It is made up of networks of official and educational institutions, commercial and social organizations and governments and private agencies.

Historically, the US Defence Department in 1969 started the use of a computer network to help its workers to exchange their ideas and messages on it.

It is a collection of millions of changing documents on computers all over the world.

These documents may contain books, magazines, pictures, films, and information of all kinds.


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